Crawfordsville Kiwanians Continue to Support Nourish Program at Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau

The Crawfordsville Kiwanians have once again demonstrated their commitment to helping the Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau’s Nourish Program by unloading the monthly food delivery.

The Nourish Program is a vital initiative that provides much-needed food to families in Montgomery County who are facing food insecurity. The program is run by the Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau, a non-profit organization that provides a range of services to young people and families in the area.The Crawfordsville Kiwanians have been strong supporters of the Nourish Program for several years, and their monthly efforts to unload the food delivery are a key part of the program’s success. The Kiwanians work tirelessly to ensure that the food is safely unloaded and stored, ready to be distributed to those who need it most.

“Food insecurity is a serious issue in our community, and we are proud to support the Nourish Program and the important work it does,” said a spokesperson for the Crawfordsville Kiwanians. “We believe that everyone should have access to healthy, nutritious food, and we will continue to support this program for as long as it’s needed.”

The Crawfordsville Kiwanians are a local chapter of the global service organization Kiwanis International, which is dedicated to improving the lives of children and families through service projects and fundraising efforts. The chapter has been active in the Crawfordsville community for over 100 years, and their contributions to the Nourish Program are just one example of their commitment to making a difference.

The Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau and the Nourish Program are grateful for the continued support of the Crawfordsville Kiwanians and all those who have contributed to this important initiative.

Pictured are Crawfordsville Kiwanis members and students from the MCYSB Alternative School Program.

Pancake Week at McDonalds

March 27 to April 1, 2023 is Crawfordsville Kiwanis Pancake Week! Get your tickets from any Kiwanian now and enjoy pancakes all week at either McDonald’s location in Crawfordsville. This is the club’s largest fundraiser of the year and goes to help kids throughout Montgomery County.

Enjoy the pancakes and help a kid!

Dr. Colleen Moran speaks to Kiwanis

Dr. Colleen Moran, Superintendent of the North Montgomery School Corporation, spoke to the Crawfordsville Kiwanis Club on Thursday, March 2, 2023. Dr. Moran addressed a variety of topics related to the North Montgomery School Corporation, including recent successes, ongoing challenges, and plans for the future.

Her experience began as a 4th grade teacher and her dedication to the Early Learning program at North Montgomery are certainly noteworthy achievements.  Graduating the first students who started in the program 15 years ago is a testament to the success of the program and the commitment of the district to providing a strong foundation for students from an early age.  It’s great to see educators who are passionate about their work and making a difference in the lives of their students.

During her speech, Dr. Moran highlighted the district’s commitment to providing a high-quality education to all students, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances. She emphasized the importance of preparing students for success in college and career, as well as instilling in them a sense of civic responsibility and community involvement.

Dr. Moran also discussed several recent initiatives and accomplishments within the district, including the implementation of a new technology plan, the expansion of the district’s dual credit program, and the renovation of several school facilities. She credited the hard work and dedication of district staff, students, and families for these successes.

Dr. Moran concluded her speech by expressing her optimism for the future of the North Montgomery School Corporation, stating that “with hard work, collaboration, and a shared commitment to our students’ success, we can overcome any obstacle and continue to provide the high-quality education that our students deserve.”

For more information about the North Montgomery School Corporation, visit their website at

Crawfordsville Kiwanis’ speaker next Thursday will be Tim Timmons, editor of The Paper of Montgomery County.

Pictured are Dr. Colleen Moran and Crawfordsville Kiwanis President Jake Moore.