Mayor Todd Barton updates Kiwanis

Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton gave a thorough update to Kiwanians in attendance at our meeting on July 13, 2023.

Mayor Barton talked about the new branding initiative for the city that will be put in place soon. He also discussed the change in quality of life initiatives. Barton explained that in the past people would find a job and move closer to the job. Today people are finding a community that they want to live in and then finding a job in that community. With that in mind the goal is to make Crawfordsville more attractive to people so that they choose this community and then build the jobs for people to fill. Currently there are 250-300 full time jobs with benefits available in the area and Barton expects that in the next three years there will be over 1,000 more.

Consultants have said that one of the most important aspects of the Quality of Life goals are family entertainment so Barton outlined the family aspects that will affect families moving to Crawfordsville.

Brickyard Nature Park – A park consisting of 100 acres southeast of Concord Road on the city’s north side.

Milligan Park Pool – Evaluate the pool and develop a master plan for pool improvements.

Downtown Mural Alley – Develop into a Community gathering place.

Shortz Nature Park – 47 acres donated by past resident Will Shortz which will include multi-use trails, sledding hills, a parking area and all in a puzzle themed design.

Lincoln Park – Oak & Wabash street – Rebuild the park to include more basketball and pickle ball courts.

Francis Wooden Park – A public/private park at the site of the old Speed Cabin from the Underground Railroad.

Canine Plaza – Improvements that will incorporate features of the historic Crawford hotel. Also planned is a replacement/rebuilding of the fountain in the plaza.

Along with the quality of life goals Barton talked about the economic development successes of increasing investment and job growth. Barton talked about new companies investing about $278 million and adding about 560 jobs to the area. Along with that some of the current companies that have announced expansions will include investments of almost $500 million and 150 new jobs.

Barton announced that a major home builder, Arbor Homes, is coming to crawfordsville and will be building almost 170 homes at an average price of $280,000. Along with that there will be a builder that is building 300-500 units near the newly expanded Purple Heart Parkway on the south side and reported that there is currently in discussion a project to bring apartments to the downtown area.

As far as services Barton talked extensively about Crawfordsville’s fully integrated SWAT & Trauma team where paramedics are part of the team that goes into a SWAT situation. The Paramedics are fully trained in the SWAT procedures and go directly into the crisis to provide medical attention and they have the ability to administer whole blood. This is the only team in Indiana that can do this and there are only 4 or 5 in the entire US.

It looks like there is a lot of activity in Crawfordsville! Keep it up Mayor Barton!

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